Blue Abstract Focal Lampwork Glass Bead

By SWCreations From United States

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Weight: 3.00 oz
Length: 10.00 in
Width: 8.00 in
Height: 1.00 in

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Beautiful handmade Blue Abstract Lampwork Focal Bead. This focal bead has swirls of colors inside the glass. The colors range from aqua blue, light blue, dark blue, purple, ivory, and shimmering goldstone. The bead has black ends with metallic twists on each side of the bead. This glass bead was made in our studio and then digitally kiln annealed to improve their durability and strength.

About the Lampwork Bead

QUANTITY: 1 bead
SHAPE: flat oval
SIZE: 24mm x 30mm
HOLE: 3/32" mandrel (will not work with European or Pandora bracelets)
DESIGN: abstract
ACCENT COLORS: aqua blue, light blue, dark blue, purple, ivory, goldstone
KILN: digitally kiln annealed for strength.

This gorgeous Blue Abstract Lampwork Focal Bead SRA was made in my studio with soft glass and properly annealed in a digital kiln for strength and durability.