23 Blue Purple Green Lampwork Beads Set SRA

By SWCreations From United States

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Weight: 3.00 oz
Length: 10.00 in
Width: 8.00 in
Height: 1.00 in

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SWCreations Lampwork Beads

Handmade Lampwork beads by SRA artist

Stephanie A White


Gorgeous colorful mix of tiny orphan beads. These beads have swirls and sold patterns. These beads are blue, purple, pink, green, and red. There are also some metallic beads from a special type of silver glass. Each glass bead was made one-by-one inside our studio and then digitally kiln annealed to improve their durability and strength. This lampwork bead set would be perfect for creating a beaded bracelet or necklace.

QUANTITY: 23 beads
SHAPE: donut round
SIZE: approximately 8x11mm
HOLE: 1/16" mandrel (will not work with European or Pandora bracelets)
TYPE OF GLASS: Soft glass (Effetre and CIM), Double Helix
BASE COLOR: blue, purple, green, red
KILN: digitally kiln annealed for strength

We stand by the quality of our handmade beads, if there are any problems, please contact us directly. Lampwork beads by Stephanie White of SWCreations.