Handmade Red Floral Lampwork Focal Bead SRA

By SWCreations From United States

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Weight: 2.00 oz
Length: 10.00 in
Width: 8.00 in
Height: 1.00 in

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This beautiful lampwork bead is created with red flowers on a green and shimmering goldstone background. This bead has flowers on both sides of the bead. One end of the glass has opal glass giving off a milky clear background. This bead is one of a kind. This glass bead was made in our studio and then digitally kiln annealed to improve their durability and strength.

QUANTITY: 1 bead
SHAPE: flat oval
SIZE: 30 x 24 mm
HOLE: 3/32" mandrel (will not work with European or Pandora bracelets)
TYPE OF GLASS: Effetre, CIM, Dichroic
DESIGN: floral
BASE COLOR: green and goldstone
ACCENT COLORS: red flowers with a black stamen
KILN: digitally kiln annealed for strength.

This gorgeous Red Floral Lampwork Focal Bead SRA was made in my studio with soft glass and properly annealed in a digital kiln for strength and durability.