Cherry Gold Jasmine lampwork necklace by Glass Artist Jenelle Aubade

By Paradise Lampwork From Mexico

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Handmade ooak glass art beads made by Jenelle aubade & Daniel Caracas
lead time and shipped from 1-6 weeks depending on order size
Shipped from our glass studio on Baja California, Mexico
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No returns on handcrafted glass beads but if something arrives broken or in the wrong colors or design send us a photo and details and we will work out replacement bead arrangements for you.

Cherry Gold Jasmine Necklace

Details ~ Ruby Gold, aka Rubino Oro glass is made in Italy and is a special high end choice for lampworking as the red/pink shade is created by adding copious amounts of pure gold into the glass formula. It is one of my favorites :)
The Absolute Jasmine collection is based on the use of white hemp for knotting, the first time I have used this color in many years of knotting, I usually go for black or darker colors. So this is a fresh new beginning with so many possibilities. Feels like a nice match for Baja inspired design work.
The first glass color I pulled for this design is pure alpine white, a fun easily melted glass to work with, also made in Italy. Matched with Rubino Oro glass rod and frit for a deep color pop, and mixed in with lots of crystal encasements, the over-all design called for some fun shape-play. You will enjoy fondling and modeling these beauties in the sunshine, which is by the way where I always photograph my glass. Barrels, bell shapes, flattened drops, disks, rondelles, and lightly hand faceted organic shapes are all in the mix.
Size - 22 inch strand, completely knotted. Beads range from 6-7mm in size to 24mm each (focals).
Metal - yes, droplets of fine .999 silver here and there.
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Lay Flat, preferably in a jewelry folder like a pearl necklace. This will keep your necklace pristine. I use hemp instead of cotton knots for a bit stronger hold and less stretching but if you wear your necklace a lot you may want to have it re-strung eventually. Any jeweler that offers pearl necklace repairs can do this for you.

(1) How I make my beads:
I create each bead using mostly glass sourced from Italy & Germany over a hot torch flame. I embellish them with enamels, fine silver, 23k gold, and goldstone. They are annealed over night in a digital kiln for longevity, and cleaned and shipped with care.
(2) How I price my beads:
I have been creating my line of beads since 2007 and have curated some distinct looks including organic style shapes which are unique and makes the line and each bead ooak.
My glass beads range from $10 - $20 per inch of lampwork, with adjustments made for the source glass and detail material prices.
(3) How I make my Necklaces:
I spend hours over several days creating the beads for each necklace, beginning with a color pallet in mind and then stretching the design details out during the torching session. Each necklace comes with one or two handmade/sculpted signature beads with my initials to match the design line. J/A. I hand knot each necklace like a string of pearls for longevity and for the grace of the fall line, how it lays while you wear it. The line is completely base metal free for happy health reasons and sustainability.
(4) How I price my Necklaces:
My necklaces retail at $15-$25 per inch, taking in to account the bead cost, and then calculating in the time in necklace design/creation/photography and advertising.
(5) Design Line Details:
#Healthy #Nature #Inspired #heirloom Art Glass pieces made with the intent of sharing bits of Baja Sunshine with my friends and family across the globe. Besos