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Delightful doesn't begin to describe these little fish. Bright and cheerful, they're going to make your day or the day of someone you love when you gift them with these little charmers.

Bright yellow bodies with red speckles accented by deep red fins and smiling fish lips are a winning combination. They really sparkle out in the sunshine.

Hung on sterling silver wire and lever back earrings. Black onyx beads accent each little fish.

A funny thing happens when you add a face onto a piece you're making; it gives them a personality. It amazed me the first time I made a set of these, but once I had a face, they were giving me attitude or joy or curiosity.

The bright colors and whimsical expressions are sure to bring a smile to your face or to someone special's face when given as a gift.

Each fish was handmade by me in my glass studio. No two fish are exactly alike and their expressions are so fun and engaging. I wish I could take credit for that, but really I can't. It just happens like magic!

All of my lampwork fish are put into the kiln for proper annealing (removing of stress from the glass) when they are done being worked in the torch.

The fish were created on a 1/16th mandrel.
The dangle on the earring measures 33 mm.

The little fish are 25 mm tall, 26 mm wide and 23 mm thick (due to their little fins. Bodies are much thinner)

Each Bead hole was cleaned with a diamond encrusted tool to ensure all of the release has been removed and the beads are ready for stringing.

Each fish is on sterling silver wire and attached to sterling silver lever back earring findings for years of enjoyment.

I would highly recommend putting down a towel or other soft barrier when putting these little fish on. Dropping them into the sink, onto the counter top or dresser might break off a fin on impact. Once broken, they cannot be repaired.

Not recommended for small children.

I use only high-quality glass rods to create these beads using a torch to melt the glass. The molten glass is then wound onto a steel rod to create each bead. The steel rods, known as mandrels, must be continuously turned to ensure beads remain on center of the rod to ensure even stringing later.

All of my lampwork beads are made in my glass studio by me and kiln annealed for strength and durability. Created well to last a lifetime!

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