Rainbow Glitter Set of Fourteen Disks Rondelles Red Orange Yellow Green Blue Indigo Violet Lampwork

By Nina Eagle Glass From United States

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Rainbow Glitter - A set of fourteen beads--Seven graduated disk-shaped beads and seven spacers. The beads have a base of rainbow transparent colors, rolled in glitter and encased with clear.
All my beads are made by me in my studio in Virginia, digitally kiln annealed, then cleaned. The photos are taken with a light box and flash.

The dimensions are:
Disks: 7.1mm (.28") long, 17.5mm (.68") wide, with 2.5mm holes.
7.5mm (.29") long, 18.5mm (73") wide, with 2.5mm holes.
8mm (.31") long, 19.5mm (76") wide, with 2.5mm holes.
9.6mm (.38") long, 21.9mm (86") wide, with 2.5mm holes.

Spacers, approximately: 8.4mm (.33") long, 14.6mm (.57") wide, with 2.5mm holes.