Glass for creating Upcycled lampwork beads from Corralejo Tequila Bottle

By Paradise Lampwork From Mexico

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Handmade ooak glass art beads made by Jenelle aubade & Daniel Caracas
lead time and shipped from 1-6 weeks depending on order size
Shipped from our glass studio on Baja California, Mexico
Free shipping Wordwide with tracking.

Returns Policy

No returns on handcrafted glass beads but if something arrives broken or in the wrong colors or design send us a photo and details and we will work out replacement bead arrangements for you.

Corralejo Tequila Bottle Glass for Glass bead Making

Watch our free video on using bottle glass and creating beads with it here :

Thank you for Up Cycling: making used materials become something beautiful and purposeful, re-using glass that takes a million years to go back to the earth and takes up precious space in our landfills. Collect and re-use your own bottles, break them up and melt them into glass rods for bead work. OR if you would like to source some of the beautiful bottle glass that we acquire here in Baja (tourist industry leaves us with A LOT of spare glass) we will do the work for you. We soak off the labels, clean the glass, break it up into manageable chunk and ship it directly to you. Time is precious and this glass is beautiful.

If you would like melted and shaped glass rods note that they are thin, the glass can be shocky, preheat in your kiln or a rod warmer before using, use at your own risk. No refunds, returns, or exchanges on Glass rods or glass chunk. The COE is a mystery, this glass IS compatible with some other bottle glasses, try some of our eBook tutorials for recipes. This glass is generally not compatible with factory made glass coe 90-104. The rods come out to average 3-4mm wide and 9-10 inches long each.

Delivery takes 4-6 weeks Internationally. Includes tracking but keep in mind that sometimes it does take up to the full 6 weeks.