Ocean Sea Life Artisan Made Big Hole Lampwork Bead BHB Copper Cored For European Style Bracelets

By DzignedbyJamie From United States

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This handmade artisan lampwork bead was handmade by me in my little lampworking studio. It's decorated with a fish, a starfish and a few sea urchins. This bead has been annealed in my digitally controlled kiln.

The bead is capped with a hand stamped leaf design on copper. And cored with brass. I love mixing metals.

The diameter of the cored bead is large enough to fit over any European bracelet. It could also be used on a necklace made from thicker materials such as macrame, yarn or viking knit wire. The possibilities are endless!

The bead is 698 mm at the widest.
12.4 mm high.
Hole is 4.5mmI recycle all metal scraps used in creating my handstamped jewelry.