About Us

Welcome to Lampwork Market.

This is one of the only online marketplaces dedicated to handmade, high-quality Lampwork beads, Lampwork jewelry, and products/services relating to Lampwork. Our marketplace connects buyers with independent Self Representing Artists (SRA) or (Independent Artists) sellers from around the globe.

Lampwork buyers can be certain that they will find only high-quality lampwork beads for sale and not mass-produced imported beads that are not individually handmade by artists. If you are looking for only handmade glass beads, then you will find them here in our market.

If you are Lampwork supplier or create bead-making tutorials, you are welcome to create a store in the marketplace. We also welcome jewelry designers who create high-quality Lampwork jewelry that uses quality handmade artisan beads.

Lampwork Market is an online shopping website offering handmade Lampwork beads for sale. This platform allows glass bead artists to set up and manage their own online marketplace. The platform is designed to create a unique place to shop and find 100% unique artisan handmade glass beads. This website is only for artisan beads and will not include mass produced Lampwork beads.