Welcome to Lampwork Market

Lampwork Market is a marketplace specifically for handmade, high-quality lampwork beads, connecting buyers with independent sellers from around the globe.

Anyone is welcome to create his or her own store within our market. The one requirement we have is the beads must be handmade by you. Nothing mass-produced or imported. Our mission is to create a market place for self-representing artists (SRA) or individual artists to showcase their beautiful lampwork creations.

If you are a lampwork supplier or create lampwork tutorials you are welcomed to create store in the market. We also welcome jewelry designers who create high quality lampwork jewelry with beads from SRA.

Reasons to Sell on the Lampwork Market

  • Launch your own store front specifically dedicated to anything Lampwork
  • No risk. No monthly or reoccuring fees
  • Charges occur with sales with 8% fee to Lampwork Market (this includes the PayPal fee)
  • All types of credit card transactions can be accepted through PayPal
  • Build your own brand and market to customers who are looking for unique Lampwork beads
  • Our market place allows you to directly connect and communicate with customers
  • Each shop has its own shopping cart and payments made directly from buyer to seller
  • Join a market full of other SRA artists who only create quality Lampwork items

Create a storefront on Lampwork Market

Lampwork Market is where you can create your own store with a unique URL with you own store URL (e.g. lampworkmarket.com/store/MyStore). This is the only market where customers are looking for Lampwork beads, Lampwork jewelry, and products/services related to Lampwork. This is a unique place where artists can display their works of art to customers who want to buy quality handmade beads. Also, your work will not be displayed next to mass produced beads that are often priced significantly lower.

Setting up your store is a way to market your unique products. You can use it as a primary place to run your business or it can be in addition to another store. Our goal at Lampwork Market is to create a unique resource for anything of quality relating to Lampwork.

Have more questions, please contact us.